Evening Photos: Start of October

Today I ended a busy week, and I am looking forward to Saturday and Sunday :-). I have missed one week with my daughter because she was on a trip with my better half. This is of course not to recommend when you are as attached as I am to my little darling girl. So I am really glad I can spend some time with her tomorrow morning again! So after work I took a drive to Geilo which is about 3-4 hours drive from Bergen. Along the way I saw beautiful low clouds hanging close to the mountains, I stopped 2 times to take some quick photographs. I should of stopped more times because it was so beautiful, but I also were on a mission, and that was reuniting with my family after a week of absence :-P.

I also did some night photography this weekend to practice for 13th of october(if the sky is clear). I would like to take some nice night pictures of the stars then. I think I got a ok result for first time try outs, but of course hope I will improve in time. It was a new experience, and won´t be the last time I photograph the stars. Hope you enjoy my photos from Norway. 🙂 Have a great continued weekend, and happy exposures.Have a good night!

11 thoughts on “Evening Photos: Start of October

    1. thank you Alexandra, really enjoyed taking the photos despite the rain 🙂 some of them got too much rain drops on the lens for it to be a good picture, had to constantly wipe the lens :-). Can´t get lucky with every shot


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