24 thoughts on “Morning Photo: Gate is Open

      1. You have the privilege of living in and amazing environment. One gets used to its beauty being surrounded by it all the time. Landscape photography is a way of re-discovering it for yourself by means of capturing the atmosphere for others. I am not sure if what I wrote makes sense to you, too. If you have preserved your awareness for “every day beauty” even without having a camera at hand, then you probably don’t.

        Sometimes it is hard to welcome a new day when you know it is going to be a tough one. It helps starting it with a walk though nature and becoming aware that our true nature has its roots out there, and that our daily struggles and worries are often nothing but superficial constructions of our mind caged in by expectations of our modern society.

        Many of your photos are like little bookmarks to remind me of this.

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        1. yes it is easy to filter out the beauty of nature, especially when being distracted by mobil phones, tv, work and driving. It is nice to go out and just focus on the beauty found outdoors.


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