Recap of recent images taken in Norway:

40 thoughts on “Norway

  1. I have a friend who can’t leave Norway because she lost her “green card.”
    She says she can’t leave until she gets this problem resolved.
    Looking at your photos, I see that she is going to be “stuck’ for a few more days in an absolutely beautiful place!
    I have never been to Norway. Now I wish I was there too!

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  2. Very thoughtful and interesting perspective to your work. I like what you have done with what could otherwise be ordinary travel photos. You have made these places something to write a poem about. Thanks for sharing them with the world.

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    1. I am glad you think it is interesting perspective to my photography! I try to do different things and learn new approaches. I am always trying to seek inspiration of others 😀 thank you


  3. These pictures take me back to some long gone days. So thanks for them. Wondering if you have any shots taken up the western coast of the fjords? And thanks for visiting my site! Always good to see that you’ve like something there!

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  4. What a beautiful country and such evocative pictures. Have always wanted to visit Norway but never had the chance. I’m only in the UK so not so far… some time ago I did a piece about Iceland, I long to return there as well!

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  5. You say you’re no pro, but these images are beautiful! They make me ‘homesick’ for Norway, though! 🙂 If you don’t mind my asking, where do *you* live? (My youngest sister lives in Kristiansand, and some of my nephews live around Oslo.) (I live in Texas right now, though. Sigh.) I especially love the photo of the strand at Foldnes in this group. So peaceful!
    All best,

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    1. Thank you for liking my photos 🙂 most of my images are taken from vestlandet Norway, 70% is taken from Sotra an Island off Bergen. I was raised in Bergen and lived there for about 22 years. I have now lived in Sotra Foldnes for 4 years. Kristiansand is very beautiful, I will go there and take some pictures I hope :-). Where in Texas do you live? I have been to Houston


      1. I’m in Denton, 4 hours north of Houston. Might get to visit Houston someday, too, but I hear it’s even hotter! My husband and I have been in north Texas for 6 years, since he took a conducting/administrative/teaching (choirs) position at the university here, but we both grew up in Seattle, which is much more like southern Norway in landscape and weather, so it’s quite a “foreign country” here to us. 😉 Lucky to have a little sister in K-sand to visit! And all of our parents plus my two other sisters still live around Seattle, so we get excuses to go back there at least occasionally, too. 🙂

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