Evening Post: Sheeporama

Yesterday I decided to strap my camera sack on my back and hike up the small hill I have outside, this enabled me to get a clear view of the sunset and close by hilltops. When I arrived at the top, I was out of breath, not because of the beautiful view, but because I am not in shape. However the sunset was also breathtaking, and when I readied my tripod & camera, a few nosy sheeps came to taste my camera bag. After a while they decided grass was better and they left me to dry.

After they left, I finally realized that I was left in a mosquito buffet, and I was the meal. So I hurried to pack and had to return with my tripod between my legs. I did not have time to pack my tripod so I hand carried it with my camera still attached(it was one of these swarms and I was wearing summer clothes). Hope you like the photos!

14 thoughts on “Evening Post: Sheeporama

  1. I love sheep. where I live on the Isle of Skye the sheep wander everywhere including on the roads. Looks like it’s the same where you live. I once nursed a patient who told me that she had a pet sheep which was house trained and stole the cat food, she, the sheep even learned to open the big metal gate to get to the cats food then she would close it and go back to the garden…hahahaha

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