Cabin in February

We invited ourself to the cabin last weekend, we are free to borrow the cabin/cottage whenever we feel like it. While there I took the opportunity to go out shooting some landscape photography during the sunrise. It was a nice experience, really calm sea and a beautiful sunrise. It was cold, but not snowing, so a varm jacket and some nice boots were enough. To cut a nice weekend short, here is some of the photographs I took. Ohh, and also thank you all for commenting on the last post, really appreciate it. If anyone feel like it, you can also follow me on instagram mohn.foto.

16 thoughts on “Cabin in February

  1. What a great place! I love the lighting and colors nonetheless the beautiful water reflection in the calm sea. I was looking at your photo named “Sunrise Dark” I took some similar ones but mine were at sunset I took them while hiking. Awesome job like always Mohn 😉

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