More from Øygarden Sotra

Weekend has been treating us very nicely. We spent it doing some chores, cleaning the house, washing the car, and all those small things nagging at you during the week. We also managed to go hiking up at Liatoppen. We took the steep route this time, and put our daughter in the baby carrier. It was quite windy, but we chose sensible clothes with a lot of protection against the cold. My daughter was of course packed in one of those overalls with a lot of insulation designed for keeping the kids warm.

I did not bring my camera hiking this weekend, I detected that the camera was out of batteries just when leaving the house, duh! So instead of photos from Liatopen I will continue the series from last post.

On a different subject entirely, the last few weeks has been spent much at home, or at the open kindergarden(bring urself and the kid, stay and play all day for free with other families concept). My other spare time has been funneled into the job hunt, and I have been so lucky to secure some interviews. I have been going to these interview for some time now, but not been able to secure a job so far.(lost job in December due to oil downturns). I am just glad I am in a situation were I can focus my energy on my kid instead of worrying about the job market :-).

Hope you like the photos, and have a great day.


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