Morning Photos: Some photos taken yesterday evening

It was a super moon yesterday so Β did stop to take some photos, the moon was really magnificent. I did come across a few fantastic motives when driving from Geilo to Bergen but my camera did not have batteries sadly. One was with a valley forming a perfect V while the moon was perfect centered. Anyways here is the moon shot:

Super Moon
Super Moon

then I decided to take some photos of Sotra Bro during that night, moon is overexposed so it looks like the sun. Maybe I will clip in the moon from before to remove the over exposed moon if I find out a nice way to do this.

Sotra Bro Super Moon
Sotra Bro Super Moon

Here is a close up of the bridge

Sotra Bro Moonlight
Sotra Bro Moonlight

24 thoughts on “Morning Photos: Some photos taken yesterday evening

  1. The moon is perfect. I have only seen part of the lunar eclipse this morning with the earths shadow only covering the lower right side of the moon. Still it was impressing and I made me humble. Nature is wonderful. Your night pictures worked out quite well!

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