A walk in february

Yesterday I decided to go on a walk since it was such nice weather, there has been a long period of time with really bad weather. I guess Bergen is living up to it´s name. Luckily I am blessed with some more sunny days than in Bergen since I live outside Bergen. There has been a few days with good weather, but I have mostly been out with the stroller or using the toboggan.

It has been some busy days keeping track with my daughter while her mom is off at work, as she has started to reach and venture to corners of the house which has not been completely emptied out and babyproofed. She is more happy playing with stuff around the house than her actual toys.

On the trip yesterday I of course brought my daughter along, and I let her try out walking in uneven terrain and play some with the grass during one of our breaks.

Her is some of the photographs taken on this trip



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