Lunch Photos: A trip to Øygarden

Yesterday evening we travelled to Øygarden Sotra again, and spent the evening tasting some wine we had bought for the weekend. Tasting means we did not even manage to finish the bottle, wine is a luxury that you don´t have time for with a small baby. To save time on the dinner preparations, we had a frozen pizza for dinner :-). It turns out that packing for weekend trips takes some more organizing and extra time with a family of three. Normally we try to make the food from the basic ingredients, but this time we did not have time.

This morning we took a stroll down to the harbor were there was some beautiful reflections to be seen. Also there was many nice boats around this small private marina. There were also some cute boat houses around this area.

We went out during the clear weather the morning after when there was no rain, but in the end the rain started pouring, so we hurried along to get home safely and dry :-). My daughter was exposed to the rain so we had to hurry along. When we almost reached back to the cabin the sun returned to give some beautiful lighting illuminating some landscape shots. This resulted in the Morning Light photograph. For the evening post I will prepare some more landscape/nature photos from Øygarden

I hope you enjoy this morning/lunch gallery.

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