Evening Post: Early colors of fall

I had a bad start of the day,  yesterdays celebration had taken a toll on me making my morning more difficult than usual, as a result it was not as fun waking up with my daughter early in the morning. I stayed the distance and waited until nap time before I could have my own. After I woke up I managed to get out in the woods to take some pictures of early signs of fall.

When I came back my better half had taken the turn on watching our daughter, and we stayed in till lunch time. After lunchtime we had a wonderful hike with the stroller in Kanadaskogen. After that my time has been used by sitting and watching my daughter do some rolls on the carpet.

Now to the essential; I see a few other blogs also have started posting pictures that is showing that the fall is soon upon us, here is my contribution.

11 thoughts on “Evening Post: Early colors of fall

    1. I am so glad you like my photos! 🙂 And you also go to a key point in landscape photography or nature for that matter, you need to go out 😛 I find that this is the biggest challenge, especially with a busy schedule. Atleast you pack more hobbies into one, hiking, photography and just looking at nature.

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        1. I have been wearing my wool socks nearly all summer 🙂 Such a bad season in Norway this year compared to last one. Lots of rain and temperature below 17 degrees C. Atleast we had a nice week last week. But I was working full days than.


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