Krakow some shots in B&W

Here is some of the photos I took during a trip to Krakow, it was a fun city to visit and of course also I got to see some history along with it. These were taken back in 2013 and it is always fun to look back on old photos.

There is some photos from the concentration camp and the work camp near Auschwitz ( Oswiecim ) inside the post, this visit made a lot of impact and I was thinking not to share the photographs, but decided against it, so they are included in the post.

Now it is storm almost every day or rain in Bergen so I don´t get out as much as I used to, but hopefully it will turn very soon :-D. Atleast I get a chance to dig and organize in lightroom.  Krakow is a city I must revisit, but next time I will spend some more time to take better photos than what I have in the archives 🙂








21 thoughts on “Krakow some shots in B&W

  1. So you’ve been to Kraków! I really love the city. I studied there, spent there some six years, wonderful years… And Oświęcim / Auschwitz is terrifyingly unforgettable, isn’t it?
    Thanks for the memories!

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    1. yes it was very nice! loved the city and of course the wonderful food at the restaurants. Oświęcim / Auschwitz was very horrifying yes, especially the insides were they showed personal items and sleeping areas. Also of course all the stories you get from the guides made an impact.


  2. I really do hope you had some time to reflect between visiting Auschwitz ( Oswiecim ) and the Town Square. I think one needs days to recover form experiencing the visit to the concentration camp. Your choice of B&W there expresses well that bleak and hopeless reality that one feels there. I see that you visited Krakow in winter. I wish you could have been there in summer. It is so lovely then. And anyway, Krakow is my favorite city and one I visit every time I am in Poland. Is this the only city you saw?

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    1. I did a lot of reflection while I was visiting Auschwitz. This is not the first camp I have visited, also visited one in Germany. I know it´s on the outskirts of Krakow, but still these were taken during my Krakow trip.We stayed for 4 days so we had some time to explore the city. I would probably stay for longer if I would go back to Krakow, and it would be interesting visiting during the summer also :-D.

      This was the only city I saw during that trip, but I will travel to other cities in Poland when I get the chance.

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      1. ahh yes, I see that was insensitive if you would link that with the photos, and I of course would not categorize location as “fun”, but the trip itself was fun and I have taken more photos than this. I thought about making a disclaimer and seperate post with the photos from the concentration camp, but also I felt that this would be wrong in the end.


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