Photography from Fjell Festning Sotra Norway

Here is some more photographs off Fjell Festning and my walk up there a few weeks ago, this is a defense position that was being used during the 2nd world war. It is quite an interesting landscape mixed with some horror and remnants of the war. Here is a link with some fun facts:

It is a nice place to visit if you are close to Bergen area at some time :-). Bring your own food/refreshments as the shop is not always open. Hope you have a great continued weekend!

Bunkers på en topp
Bunkers på en topp

7 thoughts on “Photography from Fjell Festning Sotra Norway

  1. Interesting place. War memorial places makes one always very silent and to think about how lucky we are here up north today. The landscape where I live at the moment is also full of memories/memorials and defece lines, bunkers etc. from the World War II, but also lots of fortresses from 1700 hundreds. They make the landscape very interesting.

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