16 thoughts on “Morning Photos: Some macro from yesterday

  1. I am always astonished looking at macros I made myself. I don’t have a good camera but good enough to take them. The enlargement of the subject then takes place at my 27″ iMac with 5K retina display and this opens a whole new world. Suddenely a small unnoticed flower unveils its amazing beauty. Macros are definitely worth spending more time on and I want to encourage you to keep one focus on macros.

    Your studies on the roses are well done!

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    1. Yes macros are so much fun, I am very fond of taking macro photography. I think I will take some more time for macro in the future as well as landscape. We will see :-). What do you mean by try to keep one focus on macros? (in general that I should focus more on macros, or you are taking about focusing on a single element in the frame?) Thank you so much Jens 😀


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