Morning Photos: Hardangervidden and the way home

Going back from Geilo I stopped to take some photos around Hardangervidden, I had an impatient daughter inside the car so I was really quick while my better half was watching over our daughter. I did not manage to set up a tripod or anything of that sort. So there are all handheld in evening light with some slightly higher ISO settings, but still they are not very noisy.

Here is a photo I did by instinct, I really like how the fence creates a restricted view and a path to follow to the hills:


I liked this railway shot due to it got a lot of landscape to follow through the rails and it shows a lot of fall landscape at Geilo.


I really liked this location due to the isolated cabins next to the water, seems like a really desolate area except for the road.


I really like road pictures and this is one of them, so I knew I had to stop when I saw that low hanging clouds


I also love reflections so I had to capture this wonderful lake.

Cabin By the Water
Cabin By the Water

Hope you enjoy some of the photos, and have a great day 🙂

9 thoughts on “Morning Photos: Hardangervidden and the way home

        1. it is not so bad I believe(you can experience 0 degrees at night), but I am not used to camping so I like summer more for such events :-P. Sverd i fjell is in stavanger so it should be fairly close. Oslo to hardangervidden is about 3-4 hour train trip, but that is my guesstimate and it might be shorter

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        2. ah yes, if you are thinking about hardangervidden I would look into cycling from haugastøl(finse is shorter) to flåm. It is probably only possible before the snow comes, but I do not know when you are going. You should be pretty considerate when doing this because people have been severely injured on this trip(inexperienced) and make sure all the breaks are working on the bike if you are renting, and you probably should have been cycling some beforehand.

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