Photography from Geilo Norway – Weekend Walk on Sunday

We had an amazing stay at Geilo, and when we go to the cabin, there is always more family joining in for the trip. This means that we seldom travel alone, and we end up filling up all the beds. This time we were 4 kids and 6 adults, and 2 hamsters(all family). A lot of action and sweet noise comes off this, which is great, but to stay sane we have to go out and fill our days with a lot of nature, and that was exactly what we did.

On one of our walks we went down to Geilo and parked our car, we then walked around Geilovannet, which provides us with a gravel path and a lot of nature. This means we could bring our stroller without much effort and our daughter could fall asleep before driving home.

Before I come to the pictures I would like to share this photo I posted on my facebook page that I took on Saturday(the sunset). Please take the time to follow me if you would like to 😀

Sunset over ustaoset
Sunset over ustaoset

The sunday walk lasted for about 2 hours, which resulted in about 200 photographs, and this is only from half of the trip so I will have to split this post in two. I selected a few photos that I felt captured the surrounding area of mountains and tried to keep the foreground interesting. All of the photos in the gallery was taken during daylight, so there is some harsh contrast but I think they still are ok enough.

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