Evening Photo: Todays walking trip at Geilo

After lunch me and my family decided to take a stroll down at Geilo, and we decided to go around the lake which is located very close to Geilo. Some people call it Geilo Beach, and it is a beach located there as well. It was far too cold to take any bathing so the stroll would have to do. It was beautiful cloudy weather with some calm areas where the lake had pooled up in smaller areas.

I managed to capture a few photos with reflections of the mountains surrounding Geilo, and that made the trip worth it for me(except for the part were I got to spend time with my beautiful family of course). We also got to see some awesome old building and viking archeology site but I will have to share those photos at a later stage. We drove back to Bergen today and I am really tired, we came home about 22:30 after a 4-5 hours drive.

Our daughter really did not want to work on our team and she wanted to show she did not like a car :-), that is why the trip took a bit longer than expected. So therefore I will supply with less images, but will compensate with more tomorrow I hope.

Have a nice night sleep, I am atleast going to bed now.

Dry Boats
Dry Boats
Ruined Dock
Ruined Dock
Trees on a Row
Trees on a Row

13 thoughts on “Evening Photo: Todays walking trip at Geilo

  1. The “Trees on a Row” is the picture that attracts me most today. Photos with reflections carry a special magic for me at the moment. Like the sky and the trees being present on the water surface, I wonder, isn’t everything somehow reflected by everything else. Isn’t the reflection of light just something we are capable to detect with our eyes and capture in a photo by means of technology. To me this photo resembles a pice of the infinite “greatness” of the nature we are allowed to participate in by being alive. At the same time the reflections symbolize part of natures deep mystery that we can only perceive at its utmost layer of its “surface”.

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing what you see the way sou see it!

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    1. thank you so much Jens πŸ™‚ I also love reflections, it is so nice and calm. Also it can create an ordinary photo into something special, and some locations it is very rare to get this still water so I will always shoot a reflection if I can. As you say, it is true magic that we belong and can look, feel and taste the world around us.

      Have a nice day πŸ˜€

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