Evening Photos: Some mix from days past

Today I spent my day hiking at Geilo, I went up to ustatind which is a hill near Tuva. We took the drive up to Tuva almost, so the trip only took about 20 minutes. I don´t have a single photo of that trip because I forgot my memory card :-P. Anyways, it was midday so probably would not get any great photos so I dont really mind.

I managed to also spend 10 dollars on batteries I could not use, why do I never check the format before I buy :-P. Now I am stuck with many batteries I can´t use. I needed some special kind of 3v batteries for my remote shutter, I guess I have to order them online because they were not available at the store.

Here is some photography from my last trip to Geilo, hopefully I can take some photographs now that the time reaches 18:00 in the evening. Hope you have a great continued weekend!

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