12 thoughts on “Morning Photos: Forrest of Alvøen Bergen Continued

  1. “Field of Green” appears as an serene invitation to walk down the slope to the water’s edge, capturing the stillness and the life so apparent in the abundance of green, with that hint of the turning leaves of autumn.

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  2. Hello! I enjoy seeing photos from other tree, rock, and lots more trees enthusiasts! Hahaha! Nature is an endless source of inspiration for seeing things to capture in photos. My favourite of yours in this collection is the UpUp&UP – for the different angle (because I have used that angle, too! Haha!) and because looking up at those tall trees is so fun! 🙂 Thank you.

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    1. I didn’t like the sky so much on these photographs so they are not amazing. But I will keep on shooting nature shots as often as I can and hope to share many beautiful photos :-). The UpUp&Up angle is good for showing of the pine trees, and it is hard to capture their height without this sort of angle 🙂

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