Evening Photo: Quick stop after work (capturing Norwegian Nature)

I stopped after work to take some photographs, this cost me about 40 euros, but I got some ok photos in return. Lost one of my filters, this is the second time I lost something recently. Blææh!

I hate losing stuff thats worth something, you never lose something you want to get rid off. I guess you dont bring much you don´t need when you walk out the house, so it sits tight in some garage instead collecting dust. Oh I got home about 1 hour ago and I made myself some food, and now I need to read something to prepare myself for work tomorrow, so this post will be short(but probably not the shortest one, since I like just posting photographs since I am not the great writer).

Hope you enjoy the photographs, and if not, I will get super super disappointed, but really glad for your feedback none the less. Have a nice continued evening and don´t let me hold you with my carefully selected words. Also I am so glad you take the time to look at my photographs)which is the most important thing I could write today). So yes.. the photos!

14 thoughts on “Evening Photo: Quick stop after work (capturing Norwegian Nature)

    1. thank you Jade, great that you liked the photography 🙂 When I buy things I would like to buy new things not replace what I had :-P, but yes it was a great time in the woods and I got some nice photos out of it so I dont feel that bad


      1. I once went to a gynecologist’s office (I realize this is TMI) and they had a picture of Colorado taped to the ceiling for obvious reasons. I don’t care for mountains. I’d rather see your waterfalls up there. Or Tom Selleck. Near a waterfall. So that’s where you need to sell them. 🙂

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        1. I like mountains too 🙂 I love all nature. Hope you can withstand my photographs from the mountains at Norway. Would be nice to earn some money on photography but I enjoy taking the photo´s so I guess that´s reward enough 🙂

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