Evening Post: Some photos from Kandaskogen

I did a random stop at kanadaskogen(ironically enough located in Norway), and decided to take my camera. I do not like to bring my camera to these places because I know there is a lot of people there, and often if you meet people in the woods they tend to comment on what ever they want to comment on, and usually I get emberassed for bringing the camera. So often I will run out of the path if I hear people coming, and sometimes this can create good photographs of course :-).

Yes, anyways, I am not posting to work out my issues but to share todays photos. Hope you like some of them and have a great evening still.

9 thoughts on “Evening Post: Some photos from Kandaskogen

  1. I would simply tell those inquisitive folks: “My camera is my oxygen. I take it everywhere with me.” Then take their picture! 🙂 End of story. I always take my camera with me. Everywhere. I love coming up with different stories when asked. But over here, few people ask. Keep on clicking.

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