Evening Photos: Long Exposure

When going home from work I stopped to take some photographs, I saw that there was a lot of clouds coming in and they were moving fast. It is a shift of weather now so maybe we will get a lot of rain coming in the next couple of days in Bergen.

I found a nice angle to take some highway photos, and it was really cool that one of the cars stopped completely in the acceleration field, it is illegal to stop here I would think so it was a pretty low chance of that happening. Also the license plate is blurred so that was cool 🙂


Sitting still watching the clouds roll in.


A fallen tree

Fallen Tree
Fallen Tree

Some rocks and foam on the left side


I am really busy at work so the words are few, so I just hope that you like the photography and that is enough for you :-). I am so glad I have been able to take some photos these last days. My family is back at the cabin so instead of just feeling sorry for myself for not being able to see them for a whole week I do take the time to take some photos around Bergen. Hope you have a great evening, and have a good night!

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