Geilo Prestholtseter

Today we went to prestholt a few minutes drive from Geilo and it was really worth it :-). Here we are stopping to admire the view


I also took a panorama photo, my first, so dont know about the res. Maybe i should of taken it in vertical position and not horizontal.


Here is the path up to the mountains. I had my baby daughter in the ransack chair called bæremeis in norwegian :-). It was icy cold wind so we turned and went back to the car after a few 100 meters.


We had some lunch at prestholtseter, we had some coffee and waffles with sourcream and jam 🙂 also grabbed a coffee for the road. My daughter had a small sandwich that we had brought. The personell were not happy about this but she managed to finish some of it.


Then some of the interior with the fireplace


One near the exit, really loved the antics on the walls.


Window seat 🙂


Another one of the ski center


Now im back at the cabin, and im gonna switch off and relax. Have a great weekend 🙂

11 thoughts on “Geilo Prestholtseter

    1. thank you Steve, I try to get some variation in my photographs subject and of course any other means. Not always easy to find new ways to portrait the world. I am glad you notice that I make an effort to try new things 🙂

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