Recap of recent landscape photos

The morning at Golta was probably one of the greatest light show I have ever seen, There has been a lot of nice sunsets / & sunrises but this is the one I liked the best which don’t fall in the category sunrise/sunset photo.

Golden Rays
Golden Rays

I also got to expierence the wonderfull northern lights, and I am really happy about that. I believe this is one of my favorites when it comes to the northern light photo’s. I really liked that I decided to go up the mountain Liatoppen, due to the weather satelites are cool, and I hope I managed to capture a nice atmosphere and contrast to the northern light show.

Out Off This World
Out Off This World

I also really enjoyed taking a photo of the rainbow that was showing in the sky during one of my morning walks. This is the first time I have ever caught a rainbow on camera.

Rainbow over Straume
Rainbow over Straume

Here is a gallery/sum up of the latest landscape photographs. Most of the images were taken at Sotra Norway.

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