Morning Photo: Mallards

This one is from one of my earliest photographs i “published” on this blog this year. This was taken during the spring, and it is suffering from a lot of reflections in the water. So I tried the polarization filter on nik collection, and it seems to be working ok. I guess a polarization filter is more suitable but I havent been able to find a rectangular filter 100x100mm. I have looked into it slightly and it seems that for the threaded round ones, you can twist it and control the amount of reflections this way. Does anyone use a 100×100 rectangular polarization filter, and which one can you recommend?

Three Mallards
Three Mallards

12 thoughts on “Morning Photo: Mallards

    1. thank you so much, great you liked it. It was actually my better half which captured it ๐Ÿ™‚ It was one of the few times we have switched the roles on who were behind the camera. I did the editing of the photo to remove some of the shadows on the birds.

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  1. I used to use a polarizing filter but also found loss of light an issue. Like the feather detail and the reflected light – personally, I’d probably crop in closer to cut out some of the distraction, and clarify the subject matter.


    1. I kinda liked the grass ๐Ÿ˜› Normally I dont crop my images unless it is a macro, I try to be a purist as far as I can be. This is just because I want to force myself into thinking about end composition. I am not against cropping at all. So I only resort to cropping if needed. This photo was cropped to 4542×2861 from 5184×3456(about 10%). Normally I would try to get closer to the subject but this photo was taken a few months ago, and reminded me of a time when I did not really knew what I was doing.

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        1. don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate your comment, and I hope to get many action bird photos that are filling the frame :-). I enjoy the filled frame shots of birds the most also, but I don’t think it is the only viable option. I don’t really consider myself as a bird photographer as I have about 4 series of birds(4-5 semi useful photographs), but I would like to learn the trade and get some nice shots on the long term.

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          1. Agreed – I tend to associate full frame with calendars so not relevant for every shot! Wildlife photographer Heather Angel is worth a look if you’ve not come across her work.

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  2. I don’t use polarizers on long lenses, loss of light is a factor. I know they say you can but when photographing birds I never have the time to deal with it. I do what you did – fix it in post. You did a great job. As for the subject, it is only ducks doing nothing so doesn’t hold my interest. Hope you don’t mind my honesty ๐Ÿ™‚

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