Evening Photos: Bridge & Ships

I was out today and I took some exposures, there is a small rerun here for some images, while 4 of them are almost fresh from the camera. Now I managed to find a spot to take the pictures of Sotra Bridge from the lower side of it. I have been looking for this spot before but could not find it. I took about 10 or so exposures, but decided to share 2 of them.

I came late home from work so my daughter was already put to bed, so no playtime for me 🙂 But I managed to say good night to her because she woke up and started crying. So I ran down to cradle her to sleep again, and also gave her many hugs before she fell asleep.

Shifting topic completely, there seems to be a lot of death accidents lately in norway, which is camera related, so please remember to be careful when going outside at high heights. This is both selfie and landscape photography related, and no photo is worth a serious injury or worse. I feel so bad for the families who are left behind when this happens.

Back to my photos, I hope you like my recent ones and that you don´t feel that my reruns are too boring 🙂

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