Photo from tonights shoot

Today I had a wonderful time hiking, and it was an amazing sunset, and I managed to get some more northern light shots. I did not actually see anything but a hint, but apperantly this northern light was stronger than last time. This time it was 7 in the scale, while last time it was about 5ish, but still it was much clearer last time. I got quite a long series of photos that I need to go through, but here is two of the last images in the series. Hopefully you like it

Beautiful Sky
Beautiful Sky
Picket Fence & A Tree
Picket Fence & A Tree

20 thoughts on “Photo from tonights shoot

    1. You need to go out and capture photos & learn the camera, and you need to get familiar with some sort of editing tool. For night shots I do not really know what to do except long exposure and high iso with mid to low aparture. Normally I would point the camera towards the sky and use lightmeter of the camera to set exposure. Atleast then you will get a rough idea where to put your settings, in the viewfinder in the bottom is the exposure meter, and i would try to keep it a bit lower than the center. If you dont get the right exposure by this, change it slightly and take a photo and see if you can get the correct exposure. I shoot in raw format, and I do some post processing in lightroom or photoshop. Oh I also use a tripod of course, and set the automatic timer on the camera for taking the picture to avoid my hand shaking the camera while pushing the button. Also you can experiment with the mirror lock, some say it is required to get a good clear picture on tripod. I hope this is enough to get you started, but keep in mind I am just learning how to do this properly and you should probably find someone who knows more about this than me 😛 If you have a remote shutter you can experiment using bulb mode, and longer exposure than 30, this way you can decrease ISO settings. Then you might get more movement in the picture due to longer exposure time.


  1. Love your northern lights images and the line lost in the evening darkness – that’s it for me. Lost in nature is my aim and thanks for following walkwithjoy. Keep getting lost and letting us share in your experience of the moment – beautiful x

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