Morning Photo: Northern Lights(Nordlys)

Good morning, here is two photos I took during yesterdays northern light hike(nordlys tur). We had high hopes for northern light to show at Sotra. Luckily it did, and this was only my second attempt to get northern light. It was only a few times strong enough to maybe take a photo of it without a long-exposure, other than that it was only a slight tell on the sky, but once you had long exposure it was something different. It is not often northern lights show this far south is what I have read but maybe I am mistaken. Hope you like it.

Northern Lights
Tur i Nordlys
Don´t Move A Muscle
Don´t Move A Muscle

33 thoughts on “Morning Photo: Northern Lights(Nordlys)

    1. I wish everyone could see this beauty 🙂 it was quite spectacular to see it take form, and also the excitement you get, and the hope that it will be a great show. I think I started walking at 21:00 against the top of the mountain, and I knew something would happen because I could see it in the evening light. However I guess there is no guarantee that it will be a good one.

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    1. it was quite a sight, I wonder how excited I would of been if it was the real deal. I could see it clearly a few times, but I couldn’t of taken a photo of it on my mobile cam exactly. I need a better reference point to say if it was a good one or not 😛


    1. I hope you get to experience it too 🙂 it seems like the places to be are either alaska, norway, iceland, or svalbard. But I just recently started to take an interest for northern lights so I have no idea, I need to research it further


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