Morning Photos: Some water reflections

I guess I can admit to being a light sleeper, since once I get awoken from my slumber after 5ish, I cannot get myself to sleep again. My daughter is getting a cold again, so she is sleeping very randomly, but she managed to fall asleep again after i cradled her. Once she was securely in bed, I crawled into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Now I am sitting here with a full portion of coffee I am planning to consume(ok, maybe not that much), and looking through some photos. I decided to go with these photographs, because I like the feel of them even though the sky is bland and boring.

I tried replacing the sky in one of the photos, but I guess this is not really my thing, so I just went with enhancing some of the colors. The other one I tried to go monochrome with some coffee tint(I guess I was affected by the smell of coffee).

So here are the photos I have been working on this morning:

Reflections of a pier
Reflections of a pier
Reflections of a Forrest
Reflections of a Forrest

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