Evening Photos: Some new, while others are old & redone

It is sometimes hard to choose a theme, so that´s why I am going in for a mixorama, I have both randomized the post processing, the choice of subject and location. Even so, I hope you like the results. As said, 4 of the images were taken today at Fjell Sotra, those are Illuminated Ridge, Wooden Houses, Pines in the distance, & Fog / Cloudy Liatoppen, rest is from the archives.

There should be 3 old/new which hasn´t been shown before, and rest are remakes(I think I will do some remakes to make penance for older sins).

Today I was quite excited about the fog at Liatoppen so I hurried out and walked about 5 minutes, and set up my camera on a tripod. Once ready, I aimed and fired at will, producing the photos going in the “new photographs” category. I really liked how the mix of cloudy/morning light hit the landscapes, so I am glad I went out. I then spent some of my day reprocessing photographs from the archives. Especially Fjell Sotrabru was coming from a bad starting point off the camera(blend and boring). The ND filter that I used when taking the photo made it more interesting in the end, this because I got a nice color cast from the filter, which got enhanced in the post processing(if you cannot fight it, then welcome it). Also the photo “Alvøen Bergen Reflections” were taken with ND filter, and here also I tried to enhance the color cast on the filter(instead of trying to remove it). Rest of the images were taken without a filter, so I only enhanced those slightly.

Other than that I did some gardening, and played a lot with my daughter, now I need to help my better half getting my daughter off to bed :-). Hope you like the photographs.

15 thoughts on “Evening Photos: Some new, while others are old & redone

  1. Bergen is beautiful. Thank you for sharing these. It’s hard to imagine my ancestors leaving. The family story is that my great-grandfather owned a fleet of ships and that it went down in a storm. I think this was the second or third time that he lost ships in a storm, and his wife said, “No more. We will move to America.” And so they did.

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