Evening Post: Industry Photography Around Straume

Today was a great day, I was planning to take some nature landscape photography but ended up at a industry location near Straume in Sotra Fjell. I did walk about 1 hour or so taking many pictures, I managed to process some of them, and the rest I will try to share at a later stage or when I have less material. Except adjusting the correct exposure I did some slight enhancement but not enough to change anything, it was a beautiful morning with the sun peaking slightly out from the skies creating wonderful lighting.

Other than that I have spent my time playing with my daughter and writing a post on mohnkey which is a craft and sewing blog. Also I have babyproofed some electrical sockets around the house, and we bought some new toys for our baby girl. Like a small wooden toycar and a “castle” were you can put wooden bricks formed as rectangle or rounder shapes which fits in a dedicated slot. She hasn´t figured this part out yet, but she will get the hang of it when she is older.

Now she is full of energy so I will join here and play some more before she is going to bed.

5 thoughts on “Evening Post: Industry Photography Around Straume

  1. I just tried it on my iPhone – within WordPress reader it will give me the photos in a series but if I click on them I get a box with the photo name. If I go through Safari when I click on a photo it will give me a slideshow I can step through. It’s inconsistent but the initial scroll looks good on the phone which is how most people would view. Either way – I’ve been enjoying your work!

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  2. Love the shots!
    Using wordpress reader the style of photo gallery here turns each photo into a separate post with a small photo size. It’d be nice to click on one photo and be taken to a slideshow format with large size photos. The interesting angles and the scale that you’ve captured here look even better when enlarged!

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    1. That is weird, on mobile i can swap photo with the scroll functionality, and each photo fills the screen. I have seen that on some units id be taken to the thumbnail and i have to click again to open the 1000px photo


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