Evening Post: Alvøen Hovedgård

It´s some time ago I posted some images from Alvøen Hovedgård but I never actually managed to finish it. Here is a link to the museum I believe: Alvøen Hovedgård, this place is wonderful and great to visit if you are in Bergen. The industry part started already in 1626 and Alvøen Hovedgård/Gamle Mølle is one of the best kept industry buildings in Bergen. They started with grainmill(møllen). The papirmill started in 1797 and stopped in 1981. The Main building(alvøen) was raised in 1790. Here is a link to the norwegian wikipedia source: Alvøen Hovedgård Wiki.

An old tree house found close to alvøen hovedgård:

Tree house
Tree house


Worker Homes
Worker Homes

Enough chatter, here is the photos:

5 thoughts on “Evening Post: Alvøen Hovedgård

  1. I have visited the links and read too, Thank you, this is amazing place and I really wish to visit. But with your beautiful photographs I felt myself there, and imagined how exciting and enjoyable to be there… Thank you for sharing with us, love, nia

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