Morning Photos: Looking Back Prauge

It is always fun to look at old pictures, these are about 5 years old. I knew what a way to point a camera but not what the different settings meant. This is all point and shoot with auto mode. Prague is one place I would like to revisit, and next time I wil definetely wake up at strange hours to get some city for myself.

Which are the places you would like to revisit? Do you have any photos to share? If you send me a photo in low res of a place you would like to revisit and a short description of why, I can make a gather post next time if I get enough photos. They can be sent to the subject with revisit so I can search for it), oh and also provide a link to your blog so I can give you the proper credit.

8 thoughts on “Morning Photos: Looking Back Prauge

  1. Wonderful photos. I’ve been to Prague and it’s a wonderful city, but these angles are fantastic. These photos give additional pleasure to re-discover the city from the memories of other people. Your photos give strong visual impression.
    My list of the places I’d like to re-visit is quite long… There are hidden areas in Paris, which I have to see again. Istanbul is the world of its own… an amazing city stretched between the two continents, situated between the past times and the XXII century, with strong historical and religious architectural background and amazing perspectives for future development. I also love Rome, for its early morning charm in the areas around the main four squares (before the tourists wake-up). I also love Vienna, with its amazing architecture and urbanism, with the charming galleries around the famous Dorotheer street and amazing cafes and strong influence of “Secession” as an interestingly enriching style for this city. I adore Naples (with Capri and the Costiera Amalfitana – Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Nerano…), but Naples is a very special place built from the very beginning as the urban area with numerous architectural pearls from all epochs and the amazing perspective of the Piazza Plebiscito… I love Marrakech, for its “rose terre cuite” beauty with its endless gardens, wonderful hotels and amazingly charming Medina. I love Beyruth, from Al Hamra to Jounieh… I love the charm of the old center, the cliff, the sea, the scents…

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