Morning Post: Some photos from Foldnes

My daughter woke up at 4am today, so my better half was kind enough to help her get to sleep with cradling and singing. I was very grateful that I didn´t have to do it :-). As a return favor I am now watching my sweet daughter in her morning hours. Now she is playing with many of her toys, and of course, her favorite activity is to bang them together. A very happy kid she is, and she shows it by singing, humming, making noises and of course the big winning smiles. We are looking forward to capture her development this month, and she will then turn 8 months in late September.

Yesterday I went into the woods and took some macros, now during my time I also took some landscape/nature shots which I would like to post as my morning post. I do not always have time for posting in the mornings, but today I thought I would make the effort. My daughter is very curious about this laptop I am writing from, so I do not know how long I will manage to keep it in my possession(shes dragging it out of my hands). So here is the gallery

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