Evening Photos: Macros in the woods

For todays post I would like to focus on macro photography, and since it is closing in on autumn, my subjects are mostly mushrooms. I took plenty of photos today, which means I will have to split this post into two. It takes some time to prepare the photos, especially if you enter keywords and meta data :-P. I believe that is one of the most time consuming tasks(or boring tasks if you will). Especially if you are preparing a series and want to have unique keywords for each photo. I want to see if meta data will help me get more hits over time, so I will try to be more thorough when it comes to meta data.

There is good parking at Foldnes church, and a broad gravel road that will help people take the sunday stroll, however if you venture outside the assigned path you will quickly find yourself in the deep thick forrest. Today it was crawling with ants all over the place, and they managed to get a few bites in here and there. One got me in the neck. I guess I was too still for too long of time.

I use 10 seconds timer for a lot of my shots since I use a tripod, so there is a lot of noise coming from my camera. I probably should of shut the beeping noise off, so not to scare fellow hikers(what´s that beeping from the woods??). No one actually came in to see what was making all the racket, so I decided not to bother with turning the camera to silent mode.

I believe I managed to get 3-4 types of mushrooms, and I have about 2 new types for tomorrow. I haven´t really invested time in identifying those I have found, but I guess knowledge will come sooner or later. I will definitely start taking the time to learn a few types at a time. Enough jabber, here is the gallery of the mushrooms:

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