Morning Photos: Bergen Ramsvik Continued

These are the leftovers from yesterday post, I did not store them in the fridge, but I believe they are still fresh even so. The photos were taken before going to work yesterday. I am not sure what the day has planned for me as of yet, but I believe some part of it involves taken photographs. I hope atleast I will have time to strap my camera sack, and find some motives.

It has been a rather hectic week, with a lot of planning for ahead, there is many items that must be sorted before christmas and the next year comes on our doorsteps. I managed to sort out some trivial issues like applying for a refund of my babystroller that was left for dead on our vacation to Denmark(manhandled by the airline), and they agreed without too much fuss to reimburse us(hurray SAS). Only problem was that it took a rather long time to get it arranged, and a couple of phonecalls, and a couple of mails.

I also added some more pictures to my stock pages, but I am not earning any money on stock photos as of yet, well 2 dollars so far :-P. So that means I must up my game even more. Maybe it is futile to earn money on stock photography these days, but I will continue to try some more(atleast they are getting accepted).

Before I come to the photos, I want to thank the followers or readers who drop in and leave comments, I do not always have time to make a response immediatly but I will try to reply as soon as possible :-D. Always great to find comments popping up on my Huawei.

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