Evening Post: Some old series

Here is a galley of some photos in a series which I haven´t shared before. Also there is a few old ones that you might have seen before. These were taken in May. Today I have spent my day playing with my daughter, I have tried to get her to crawl, but she doesn´t go forward or backwards very much, but she is very good to rotate on a dime :-P.

This morning we went to a nice shop at hjelteryggen which sells crafts & hobby supplies, here I stopped to take one photo of the day. After that the rain came, and I didn´t even bring a jacket. I took a photo of a house that has a view towards Askøybroen. Hjelteryggen was not that exciting as it was mostly recidental areas. Maybe if I would be able to get down to the sea I could find a nice area.


The photos in the following gallery below is from Foldnes Sotra.

8 thoughts on “Evening Post: Some old series

  1. Great work per usual. The one that really catches my eyes is the one with the vegetation covered rock (and a little tree stump next to it?). One of those feelings I can’t exactly put my finger on, but it conjures up the druids and the world we can no longer see because we are looking (feeling).

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