Evening Post: Some photos from ramsvik Bergen

My daughter is really craving my attention so she thinks it´s fun to kick me in the arm while I am writing this post :-). I am trying to tell her no, but she is 7 months so what do she care. So I need to hurry up! I just gave her some supper and she is ready for bed, she just have to scream out that little energy which is left :-). A lot of new noises and “words” are forming today, so she is in great shape.

Also she managed to crawl a few centimeters today, not much, but enough to make us proud. Anyways for the photos, I found a new location near Ramsvik. Atleast I believe there is nice woods there, and some creeks to take photos of. I will try to return shortly and take advantage. For this series I stopped before going to work, I have some more but I dont have time for that :-). I will add those photos in tomorrows post.

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