Evening Photos: Kratt & Lyng

I did stop before going to work and took some pictures, it started to rain frantically so I had to run back to the car. I did get soaked because I did not have any rain clothes, and the wet grass would soak my legs. I did come to work looking like I was sleeping in the wild, and my pants were full of dirt. It was fun to see the bad weather coming in, so it made it worth it. Since I had so bad time I did not feel I got the best photos I could take, but this is what I got. I hope you enjoy them.

8 thoughts on “Evening Photos: Kratt & Lyng

  1. A true photographer; no matter what, you’re out there. Even if the weather is not conducive, you got interesting images. I’ve gotten some unique photos in cloudy, wet weather. That yellow mushroom really stands out.

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