Morning Photos: Yesterday´s catch (capturing the sky light)

Yesterday I did not have much time to take photo´s, and maybe I regret that because the sky was amazing and so was the sunset. I did however manage to secure 13 photos and 4 of them I am presenting today. I did not find a great subject to take photo of that was in the main events direction but I did find some small interesting foregrounds I believe.

So the evening was spent with my daughter, and we had a great time, she is definitely getting more mobility. This morning she has had her third “accident” were she rolls off the safety of her playing carpet, and  slightly bangs her head on the hard wooden floor. This time she did not get hurt, but the first & second time she was truly shocked. I guess you can´t protect them from everything, and you must let her “fall” to learn that the ground sometimes kicks you when you are lying down(atleast during impact).

Anyways! Enough chatter about me, here is my contribution of the yesterdays sky in Sotra(Straume & Foldnes) Fjell Norway. Hope you like the gallery I have put together.

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