Evening Post: Photos from Bergen

I believe I have managed to secure some photos for Leanne Cole monochrome next weekend. I know she is busy(according to her posts) so I am not certain if there will be a monochrome theme that week, but surely one will soon come. Then I will be ready with my urban contribution. Today I was early up taking advantage of blue hour, I got some photo´s from Bergen City while the sun was still not up. I have posted one photo of my session, now I will post some from this morning and other photos from around lunch time.

Today I was alone with my daughter most of the day, so we went for a stroller trip, which allowed me to get some photos. Here they are:

7 thoughts on “Evening Post: Photos from Bergen

    1. If you get here, bring water ressistant hiking shoes :-). Now the fall season is upon us. Yesterday it was raining so badly that the traffic was stopped due to flooded roads.


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