14 thoughts on “Midday Photo: At an angle

    1. This is my first waterfall that I have taken a serious attempt to capture, it is easy to fall into a pattern and not think about new ways of doing it. I went for the 45 degrees angle because I liked it. I will definitely try some more traditional angles later on 🙂


  1. Wow. I was saying to another, how difficult it is to capture the beauty and motion of a waterfall if only because there are so many photos of them out there. I can say I was literally taken aback. And to toss in the angle of the shot, it is one of those mesmerizing photos.

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    1. Thank you for liking the photograph. I am very new to long exposure so it is really nice to get positive feedback. When I got to the waterfall I didnt really know how bulb mode worked or how my remote timer worked with bulb mode. I am glad I figured it out on the spot so I could take this photo.

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