Evening Post: My day in pictures

I ended up going to bed at 21:00 yesterday, and that was smart due to my daughter woke up several times due the fever she´s been having. Apparently the fever starts the growing of teeth and not the other way around. Well, i am going straight for the fun facts or maybe it is hearsay. The fever broke some in the morning and I hope it stays away, because I would prefer uninterrupted sleep.

Going back to the pictures; while driving to & from work I managed to secure some photos I would like to share with you. One was of the waterfall I posted earlier, I have the same picture in the gallery however now it is rotated. Also I hope you don´t think I am spamming due to the 3 posts today(those who follow me by email), sometimes I just get excited with the photos.

Now for the gallery; I hope you like these photos, and please share/reblog these if you can & like them :-D. Appreciate it!

8 thoughts on “Evening Post: My day in pictures

    1. thanks for bringing that up! I used the programmable remote trigger, so I didnt actually touch the camera at all. It was preset to correct exposure and fired away at it’s own will. All I had to do was worry about the traffic image and drive carefully. I would not attempt to do this with a handheld camera.


    1. Pictures were taken with remote trigger, preset focus, preset exposure, so not to disturb anything. But yes, it is important not to do this with actually trying to handhold a camera or mobile. Also helps with a driver who has constant speed.

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