Morning Post: Dusky Rain & Fog

I was awoken by my daughter´s crying this morning, normally I am the one who wakes first, but today I was especially tired. She had a fever yesterday, without any presigns, and today we learned that this is due to her teeth is growing. It is good to know that this is a normal situation. It was not that long ago she was sick, and it was really tiring for the whole family(some kind of flue). I was glad we were not going through another flue. It is rather frustrating not being able to help those tiny loved ones.

Foldnes Covered in Fog
Foldnes Covered in Fog

Returning to this morning; after my morning coffee, my daughter was crying for a nap. I grabbed my camera and put her in the stroller. Of course as any responsible parent, I dressed her with a warm wind suit, and packed her in a duvet. Outside I could see that Liatoppen was covered with fog, so I knew it was going to be a good chance to get some nice photos. It took a few minutes of complaining before she finally settled, nothing is sweeter & calmer than a sleeping child.

I went to the boat houses, about 10 minutes walk from my home, and took some pictures of Foldnes covered in fog. There is something really calm with foggy mornings. Also, I only saw one other person on my walk, even if it was not that early. When walking around the area, I suprised some birds that were taking advantage of the empty roads of Foldnes, they escaped to the sky before I could even grab my camera. I managed to take a photo of a pidgeon sitting on a electrical wire however.

Now my daughter is losing patience and wants to play, so I will  present the final part, the gallery of photos from this morning:

18 thoughts on “Morning Post: Dusky Rain & Fog

  1. I enjoyed a tour with pictures…you brought me to very beautiful spots that I’ve never been with your images and the way you captured them! Thank you for sharing such a place through your lens.

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  2. You live in a beautiful part of the world. It will be a pleasure for me to follow your blog and get a glips at what you see and feel through your shots. Of this series today the picture I resonate with the most is Reflections of Foldnes. I sense that autumn is getting closer.


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    1. that is great to hear! I like taking photos close to my areas, but it is also harder to get inspiration for new photos. But of course, this forces you to take a fresh look at things and maybe discover new angles and possibilities.


    1. Yes, I was inspired by Leanne Cole, she is really good at taking the fog shots. So I took the opportunity to take some photos. Normally I like the early morning/evening light with nice sunlight. But this was cool as well. I will do some more fog shots when the next opportunity arises. Hopefully I will get better at capturing the fog.

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    1. Thank you! I was not completely sure about them, but now that they are posted I am more happy with them for some reason. Let´s not forget it´s great to get positive feedback 😀


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