Morning Post: Back from vacation

It is not always easy to get back from vacation, especially when it was so short. I am now back at work so it will be less time for taking photos, but I will manage. My daughter started forming words like “bye” & “hi” today. She probably don´t know what they mean or that they are actual words. She is closing in at 7 months so it is very exciting following her progress.

Today we are planning to take some photos at Algrøyna in Øygarden and I already took advantage of the morning light taking some photos at Foldnes(new location). So hopefully I will post that collection for my evening post or tomorrow.


While walking in the forrest I stopped to take a photo of the ground, I liked how the roots came out, and the aperture was not that bad. I had to go wide due to the lighting was low. But I am quite pleased with the result, and I don´t mind the limited focus area. Also I took some close up of leaves which I posted yesterday evening, I was quite pleased with this photo as well due to I got the wide aperture and the rain drop formation(light) due to the wide aperture in the photo.

Also I managed to send of a picture to Leanne Cole for the Monochrome challenge, I am not sure about the rules if all photos are included, but we will see. It was a picture of my daughter first time at the beach and she was making “sand angles” with her feet. It was quite cute since she is about 7 months, and this was the first time she has felt sand between her toes.

I also got to experience the migration of the Canada Goose I believe, atleast there was 3 large formations out flying, the size of each formation was as you can see in the blue sky picture with the goose formation. That was quite fun to witness. However I got annoyed with the choice of lens, and when the second group came, I got more annoyed because I did not follow my instinct to change the lens, and when the third group came….. Well, I took advantage of taking a landscape shot while they were in the frame.

Back to Algrøyna, we want to go there because there is a cosy coffee shop there and bakery. This one is called Urtemakeriet, and supposedly they are opening a shop in Fjell, closer to Sartor/straume. We will take advantage of this when we are wanting that special breakfast in the weekends. Next post I will make will probably be of the photos I am taking today at Algrøyna, but I have not been there before so I have no idea what to expect. Hopefully I will get lucky. I hope your weekend is turning out to be a great one, and that you get the chance to do the things you want the most.

9 thoughts on “Morning Post: Back from vacation

      1. Enjoy your family and your young daughter! It is a blessing to have a baby/toddler around. We are missing our 8-month grandson, who is currently in South Carolina. Thanks so much for the wonderful photos! 🙂

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