Evening Post: Visit to Urtemakeriet

Høner skjuler seg for regnet Urtemakeriet
Hens don´t enjoy rain either at Urtemakeriet

When we arrived to Urtemakeriet it was quite hectic, and many people were there. Cars were waiting by the road to buy fresh pastry and bread. It is a very populare place. We managed to secure a parking space, so we could get our daughter into the stroller. I managed to take some overview shots while there was no people on the outside, also I managed to secure a photo of hens hiding below the tables. I guess they did not like rain very much. When it was our turn, we started with the dessert; pastry and coffee.

After we moved to the focaccia, which was really good, it was served with urtemakeriet  special butter(ramslauk smør) and some sort of sweet/sour cream for sides. They served many varieties of pastry, and some sandwiches. We secured some bread(they bake & sell their own bread as well) before we left the place, and returned for home. Most of the items they serve they make with their own herbs, and local supplies.

The only down side is the opening hours; 10:00 to 15:00 on Saturday. If you are visting Bergen, it is a 40 minutes drive from Bergen, and a nice place to relax, also the scenery is great at Algrøyna, and I am going to return here for some landscape shots. The atmosphere at urtemakeriet is worth the visit alone, and add to that good food, and you have a perfect combination for a nice visit. Here is some photos taken at urtemakeriet. I am not too pleased about the photos because I felt rushed, but this is what I secured. Next time I will come earlier to take better photos.

Here is some photos I took today morning, the weather was calm and nice, so I got a lot of nice reflections in the water. All these photos were taken near Foldnes Fjell Sotra Norway, these are all near the coast & a private beach. These photos has a maritime themse I suppose. Here they are, hope you like them:

15 thoughts on “Evening Post: Visit to Urtemakeriet

    1. Yes Urtemakeriet at Algrøyna is a very nice establishment. They seem very skilled at baking and their concept is good. Also I like the garden they have were it is possible to feed the animals/pets.


  1. Just incredible.Beautiful area but you find those little angles, frames that bring out so much more. Especially love the photos of the bakery (where I want to go ) and bat slipp with the contrast of yellow and the old tracks.

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