Morning Post: Lowepro Flipside 15L Bag / Backpack

Fjell Sotra
Fjell Sotra

In one of Leanne Cole posts : UFD: 10-things-i-cant-live-without-in-my-kit she recommends the The Lowepro Flipside 15L Bag, I must say I agree after a few weeks of photographing around. I am not very used to camera bags before now, but what I can tell you is that I can easily pack 2-3 lenses and have room for a larger lense strapping it outside the pack..

I have also room for some filters, and of course my camera. Luckily there is some pockets with zipper were you can stash your mobile and wallet while travelling, and also your passport :-D. I was a bit annoyed when I got stopped in the airport and they wanted me to take out equipment, because it is packed so well. It is so easy to lose control of your stuff when they require you to put everything in it’s own containers. Anyways, 3 of my flights and airport visit they did not want to take out anything(which was good). Also I was very pleased with the fact I could get my mobile charger, my macbook pro charger and of course my macbook 13″ on top of all the gear. I did not think of adding any padding between the laptop and the gear but everything worked out for the best.

The fit is very good, and they have some solution for air flow in the back of the camera bag/ ransack, to avoid sweaty backs. It didnt work that well in 26 degrees C, and it was nice to get the backpack of your back. If you get this pack, make sure that you do something with the straps for support that comes with, the one which you are supposed to connect to your waist and chest, if you dont they will fall off and you will probably lose them(which I did). So that is the only con I can think of, but it was very annoying that they were falling off, but I did not check this before I started using it, so it was probably my fault in the end.

Hope you have a nice weekend 🙂 and happy hunting for perfect exposures.

Here is the photos I promised:

8 thoughts on “Morning Post: Lowepro Flipside 15L Bag / Backpack

    1. My Sirui travel light tripod fits with no issues. There is double straps, the outer ones are adjustable so there is much more room but you pack will get bulkier. The inner ones fit my tripod as well but they are not rubber band and are not elastic. My tripod inside the travel case is about 44x15x10 cm.


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