Evening Post: Some pictures from Bergen City and Sotra Norway

These photos are taken in Bergen By, or City of Bergen if you prefer the english version 😀 Bergen is my closest town to the area were I grew up and I was living in a part of Bergen kommune. Bergen passed 275.000 inhabitants in end of 2014 according to wikipedia! So thats your fun fact of the day. There is plenty of photos of Bryggen Bergen, so I´m not sure why I chose to post these pictures other than I wanted to :-). There is nothing new to document, except they are still there, and have not been taken during the recent fire in Bergen City(thats a good thing!) Hope the people that were affected by the fire got their money from the insurance company and are feeling ok now. I also took a photo of the train station in Bergen, and a church which is located close to Bryggen. Hopefully I will return soon to take some more photos, and here they are:

Then we have some more photos taken yesterday at Sotra Fjell Norway, the last two in the series were taken at Foldnes, while the rest were taken close to Ran Seilforening in Angelvik(also Sotra Fjell Norway). Here you can enter some sailing courses if you would like, I am not sure about durations and such. Anyways, I care more about taking photos, so here they are:

14 thoughts on “Evening Post: Some pictures from Bergen City and Sotra Norway

    1. Yes, there is many locations which are good for paintings in Bergen. I am not much of a guru when it comes to painting, my last painting I brought home was not put on the wall, that’s for sure 😀


  1. I love your photos!! I am so excited because I will be going to Norway next year for the first time, to visit Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo! Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you for liking my post on Cannes, my photography skills are definitely not as good as yours.

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    1. Stavanger has some nice areas, if you are interested in photography of landscape and nature I would try to drive from Stavanger to Bergen or maybe take a boat. It will take about 4 hours for the trip ++ the time you spend on taking photos. In Stavanger you have prekestolen, farms in Sola, beach at Sola, Oslo you have the Opera, and street photography near Grunnerløkka and City Center. Bergen you have Bryggen, Fløien, Trollhaugen, the city in general, øygarden(45 minute drive), ulrikken, Fantoft Stavkirken, Lepra museum. If you are interested in going outside bergen I can suggest more locations.


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