Morning Post: Arrived at Oslo

Last day in Denmark has already been upon us, and we travelled back to Oslo yesterday. We arrived late and ordered in to the hotelroom(sushi and a can of soda :-D). Our daughter went quickly to sleep but she is sick again and has been up many times this night, soothing words and cuddles helped most of the times. Now we are soon ready to start the day, and breakfast is in half an hour. I will spend my day in Oslo trying to take some pictures, we will see what I get time for.

All the photos included are taken in Denmark.

5 thoughts on “Morning Post: Arrived at Oslo

    1. That’s great to hear, real fun to know you might have inspired someone to go to a new place because of a photo. Denmark is really great for family visit and with kids due to all the parks, like lego land. Hope you get there someday 😊

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