Morning Post: getting ready to leave for Oslo

We had a great time at Denmark, with good food and company, but now it´s time to find other adventures elsewhere. We will travel soon to the airport, so then the stress of packing and getting ready will soon come(like it always do). Yesterday I did not only take pictures of the church at Væggerløse, but also the residential areas close to the church. I noticed that many houses were for sale, which I think is sad, but that´s life. Sometimes you move, and sometimes you stay :-). From what I could see, there was also a family doing renevations(good luck to them, it is a stressfull time). Other than that I managed to secure a photo of a bus, a busstop and the stovby mølle. All these areas are 5-10 minutes drive from Marielyst.

3 thoughts on “Morning Post: getting ready to leave for Oslo

  1. Beautiful images! Looks like it was a truly majestic visit! I can identify with the melancholy you felt at the houses for sale. Such is the ebb and flow of life, I suppose. Wonderful photographs. All the best,

    Autumn Jade

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    1. Thanks for liking my photos, it was a great visit, and still I have many more photo´s that I haven´t been able to share, and I saved some special ones for rainy days. I haven´t started editing them and I am hoping they will turn out great.

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      1. Fabulous! I am avidly looking forward to the special ones and the ones sluiced with rain- I have such a love of rain! I am sure they will turn out beautifully! Looking forward to it. All the best,

        Autumn Jade

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