Morningpost, pictures from out & about Marielyst

I went to Marielyst and took some photos in the morning light, hoping to catch some nice photos. I am not sure if my goal was archived, except I had a nice time at the beach and had to share it only with a few people. There was some joggers and pet owners at the beach, also there was a employee picking up the trash that was carelessly left there by visitors yesterday. Marielyst is not a architectural pinnacle, but there is beauty to be found if you are looking closely. Hopefully I have captured some of this beauty. It was a bit fun taking pictures of tracks at the beach and the tower in the “center” of the town. If you are ever in Denmark you should stop at the nice beach and spend a few hours here before you rush of to the next site. Hope Good luck today on getting those nice exposures, and good morning to you.

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